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The Current State of Nexuiz
03-02-2010, 09:01 PM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2010 09:18 PM by -z-.)
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question The Current State of Nexuiz
A lot is unknown at the moment. The first time we had any idea something was up, was when Dokujisan created the [url=] makeover? Nexuiz going to consoles?[/url] thread on Alientrap Forums. The buzz on IRC and on the forums indicates that the "owner/creator" of Nexuiz / Alientrap, Lee Vermeulen has sold the name and domain Nexuiz(.com) to a game maker by the name of [url=]illfonic[/url].

According to LordHavoc (developer of the [url=]Darkplaces[/url] engine, who was apparently in on the deal), the game was licensed as such:

Quote:[6:14:56 pm] <LordHavoc> id sells id tech 2 (quake+quake2) licenses for $10k
[6:15:22 pm] <LordHavoc> my modifications and the contributor modifications (which I obtained permission for) were an additional expense
[6:15:39 pm] <LordHavoc> thus they licensed darkplaces as a whole
[6:16:06 pm] <[-z-]> contributor modifications, as it patches div or samual or dib mrbougo, etc submitted?
[6:16:43 pm] <Samual> For example, motionblur
[6:21:11 pm] <LordHavoc> yep

It appears that all the games art will be redesigned but it's unclear as to whether this art will be inherited by the original Nexuiz (probably not). There are also questions about possible GPL code being re-licensed without author's consent.

As of right now, it appears as if the deal was made for the reputation of the name and reputation it has built. This, of course, has the community quite upset as the original Nexuiz will likely be made the victim in a comparison.

So as for now [url][/url] represents the new game supposedly for the PS3 and [url][/url] represents the original (optionally, the more phonetic [url][/url] works as well).

As a contributor to both nexuiz and alientrap, I'm upset about the way this was handled. Apparently only 3 people out of the 26 currently in the developer chat knew about this, (2 being Vermeulen and LordHavoc). This has many of the developers questioning their contributions and efforts as well as the ethics of some.

Here is [url=]Vermeulen's current response[/url]

We're still trying to wrap our heads around the situation on IRC.

[b]UPDATE[/url] Illfonic's response [url][/url]
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