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Full Version: rumors of our death...
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are true.

we took a vote of those present, a majority of the clan, and it was decided to proceed in this direction. apologies to those who weren't there, such as et and ace. this was partially inspired by Doku hoping to get clan activity going again by focusing on 2v2tdm games. i was met with some distaste from my idea of a ladder for such and submitting 3 man teams (and mostly ignoring the entire clan concept) in an attempt to subdivide -V- (and other clans.) the disbanding was decided on after talk continued on how to make the clan scene more active.

i really feel quite strongly we went out at our best, which is the point. the community can't support clans where so much talent is undiluted in to one collective, nor can it support ones of massive size. i hope this could be a reminder to other clans who act as nothing more than storehouses of players. quantity may have a quality all it's own, but not for when the future holds more 2v2 games than anything else.

Dib has started Fx alongside CD.

i hope to eventually start something or join another clan. i do not expect it to be as strong as -V-, nor would i hope it to be. I have one irl friend and at least one person I've felt badly about denying entrance to -V- for the last year w/ whom I'd like to collaborate on something. i almost feel this is inappropriate for this thread... but i would like 3 (at most 4) more players on top of those alluded to above. if anyone is interested, please let me know; i only request you IRC, be willing to use communication binds, and are preferably in NA due to time/ping differences. i especially need someone with whom to start these 2v2s - if you know me and tdm (especially on the bcs,) then you know we won't win much more than we lose. i need someone okay with that.

i hope we can cast off some derision from the past and make new relationships. through these new clans.
Fx is looking for the same requirements.

Im sad to see -V- go but we made a good run i think. 1-0!
Vortex made a good run indeed.
Well that is sad to hear.
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