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first official match, -v- vs [o]
04-12-2008, 08:04 PM
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RE: first official match, -v- vs [o]
Good games -v-.

I don't know about MikeCTF, I think the way you played you would probably have won even without the problems we had, but who knows. It took me a while to really get into the game and get my timing right when I got in, kept getting my own rockets blown to my face which pisses me off because that's one thing I've worked a lot these past 2 months, syncing my fire during fights to make sure that doesn't happen, thought I was getting good at it but I guess not. It felt like I let my team down, felt really shitty and I couldn't concentrate. I think I did only one good thing in all 3 games, did a nice return on lavaflag on inficio where he was already in middle and I managed to catch up to kill him with rockets. I know I capped at least once but I honestly don't even remember, you guys probably just died before I picked it up or something heh. I know it seemed like we played better on that map but I don't think so, the teamwork that we did was mostly accidental. We really have to work on that. I think we're all great players individually and that's why it looked like we did better, but you have to consider the layout of the map. Your team is great because in a way you're all very offensive players and the way you position yourselves on the map makes it very effective, weither you're aware of it or not, it makes your team very tight. It's a very tough barrier to break when trying to get into your base.

I never thought of myself as an attacker, never really practiced that. I'm really more a defensive player even in duels where I always position myself to have advantage in fights before actually attacking and was surprised when Doku asked me to be a runner. I like helping an attacker get into enemy base, killing enemies while he picks up flag and escort him back. Only got a chance to do that once on Mikectf where I knew Chryyz had armor + mh.

On facingworld it was HELL. Every time I actually got into your base I would sigh in relief but then realized that I had to get back and that meant I would get nexed by at least 3 blue dudes at the same time heh. Inficio I disagree when you say we got better snipers, you're definitely the best sniper I've met in nexuiz, especially the last few days. mofo ;)

But we'll practice and make it harder for you next time we play. A lot harder hopefuly. We'll get used to our comms and we'll be more aware of what's going with everyone.
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